* Swedish Massage

* Aroma Essential Oils Therapy

* Hot Stone Therapy

* Hydroculator Heat Therapy

* Cryotherapy

* Asian Body Work

* Acupressure Points

* Shiatsu

* Trigger Point Therapy

* Scar Tissue FAST Release

* Lymphatic Drainage/ Massage

* Medical Massage

* Sports Massage

* Myofascial Release

* Active & Passive Stretching

*  Myokinesis Therapy

* Deep Tissue Massage

Neck Pain Therapy

Medical Massage Therapy

Cervical Spine Therapy

Essential Oils - Aroma  Relaxation Therapy

Deep Tissue Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy

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Myokinesis Therapy

Foot Massage 

Thoracic Spine Therapy

Specializing in Massage Therapy in Blue Point - Zen Atmosphere - Aroma Therapy- Fire Place Warmth -  Soothing Waterfall

We are committed to providing you with the best professional Massage Treatments

" Providing Clinical Treatments in a Spa Type Environment " 

Inquire about different Types of Massage Therapy available in our Blue Point, Bayport and Patchogue Massage Studio

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Massage Therapy Sessions available near Bayport, Blue Point, Holbrook, Oakdale, Patchogue and Sayville

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Free Evaluation and Program Design

Balanced  Body  Massages - Health  &  Wellness Studio




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Massage Treatments

Massage Therapy Services

   Specializing in Massage Therapy Services - Therapeutic, Medical, Deep Tissue , Sports Massage and Relaxation Massage Therapy in Bayport, Blue Point, Patchogue & Sayville                                     

Massage Therapy in Blue Point

Massage Therapy and Pilates Corrective Exercises in  Bayport, Blue Point, Holbrook, Patchogue, and Sayville

Back Pain Therapy

Reflexology Therapy

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Arm / Shoulder Therapy

Relaxation Massage Therapy

Massage Therapist

  "A pain free and stress free body paves a pathway to a better quality of life"

​​Balanced Body Massage Therapy Studio

"Just beyond the reach of everyday stress."

Melt away stress and renew your energy

Enjoy Massage Therapy treatments with the warmth of a Wood Burning Vermont Stove, an Authentic Waterfall, soothing Zen Music and relaxing scents of Aroma Therapy.

Try relaxing Swedish Massage Therapy Services for stress relief or maybe a more aggressive Deep Tissue, Sports or Medical Massage. Massage Therapy sessions available in Bayport, Blue Point, Holbrook, Oakdale, Patchogue, or Sayville.

We have a Massage Treatment just for you.

Balanced Body Massages Studio

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