​​* Swedish Massage

* Aroma Therapy

* Hot Stone Therapy

* Heat Therapy

* Cryotherapy (Cold)

* Asian Body Work

* Acupressure Points

* Shiatsu

* Trigger Pt Therapy

* Scar Tissue Release

* Lymphatic Drainage

* Medical Massage

* Sports Massage

* Myofascial Release

* Active/ Passive Stretching

*  Myokinesis Therapy

* Deep Tissue Massage

​* Kinesiology Taping​​

Enjoy a Swedish Massage Treatment to melt away your daily stress.

Experience Trigger Point Therapy for pain management.

Sports Massage Treatments are perfect for those with active lifestyles.

 Deep Tissue or Medical Massage Treatments focus on more specific areas of your body.

Combine Deep Tissue, Medical Massage and Active / Passive Stretching for a penetrating and therapeutic treatment that helps to relieve those problem areas.

​​Whatever your needs, we have a Massage Treatment for you.

Tree of Life and Massage Therapy
Tree of Life and Massage Therapy

Balanced Body Massage Studio specializes in a variety of Massage Therapy Treatments. Every specialized massage treatment provides a unique experience.

 About us

Relaxation Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy Studio in Blue Point

​​​ Balanced Body Massage Therapy Studio in Blue Point  ​specializes in Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage Therapy 

  "A pain free and stress free body paves a pathway to a better quality of life"

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy
Tree of Life and Massage Therapy

    About Balanced Body Massage Studio

Hot Stone Therapy

Massage Therapy Services offered in Bayport, Blue Point, Bohemia, Patchogue, Oakdale, and Sayville 

Medical Masssage Therapy

About Our Massage Therapy Treatment Rooms

Enjoy one of our Specialized  Massage Treatments, with the gentle sounds of an authentic waterfall, zen music and relaxing atmosphere.

To complete the experience, enjoy the soothing scents of essential oil as they smooth and calm your skin.

Let us bring you to a place far away from the everyday worries and stresses. 

Benefits of Massage Therapy

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Massage Therapy / Massage Therapist & Pilates Corrective Exercises. Serving Bayport, Blue Point, Holbrook, Patchogue, and Sayville


​​​   Balanced  Body  Massage - Health  &  Wellness Studio

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Balanced  Body

Massage Therapist
Tree of Life

 Massage Therapy, Health and Wellness Cottage 


​                  ​​​Specializing in Therapeutic, Medical, Deep Tissue , Sports & Relaxation Massage Therapy in Bayport, Blue Point, Patchogue & Sayville                                     

Massage Therapist

Balanced Body Massages Studio

More Massage Therapy Treatments.....

Tree of Life
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Massage Therapy

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  "A pain free and stress free body paves a pathway to a better quality of life"


​​​     Massage Therapy, Health and Wellness Cottage 

Inquire about our Massage Therapists and the various types of Massage Therapy Services available in our Blue Point, Bayport and Patchogue Massage Studio

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    Balanced Body Massages 

  "Just beyond the reach of everyday stress."

Melt away stress & renew your energy

Massage Therapy / Massage Therapist serving Bayport, Blue Point and Patchogue. Enjoy treatments with the warmth of a wood burning stove, gentle sound of a waterfall, relaxing Zen music and the soothing scents of aromatherapy.

Try Swedish Massage Therapy treatment for stress relief and to help soothe a tight or achy body.

Maybe your'e seeking a more aggressive treatment, try Deep Tissue Therapy, Sports Massage or Medical Massage for a more specific treatment.

Massage Therapy Sessions available in your area, serving Bayport, Blue Point, Holbrook, Oakdale, Patchogue, or Sayville.

We have a Massage Treatment just for you.